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 Welcome to Camps for 2nd & 3rd Graders!

We invite our campers entering 2nd and 3rd grade to choose from ten exciting camps!. Please see below for details and general descriptions of our camps.

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Please check back in late-January for more information about Nueva Expedition, our new week-long intensive program for high-ability students entering first through fourth grade.


2017 Schedule: 

Daily Schedule   
Adventures in Mathland: Games and Puzzles                               Design Thinking: Ideate, Innovate, Create!                           Mixed Media: Explorations in Visual Arts                                 Nueva Theater Company Super Scientists: Junior Paleontologists


Eco-Explorers: Forest Adventures Super Scientists: Sonic Explorations Future Foodies: Mix, Bake, Season, and Chop Circus Adventures Creative Storytelling: The Power of Words

Interdisciplinary Studies:

Adventures in Mathland: Games and Puzzles —
In our Games and Puzzles camp, campers will explore a multitude of mathematical concepts as they learn new games and revisit old favorites. As campers learn, explore, collaborate, and play they will test and improve their aptitude for computation, logic, and problem-solving as they maneuver through a variety of new, dynamic games curated by our Nueva Lower School educators. Learning has never been so much fun!

Creative Storytelling: The Power of Words —
A book is simply the container of an idea—like a bottle; what is inside the book is what matters. —Angela Carter

In our Creative Storytelling camp, we will dive into all sorts of books and forms of storytelling in order to empower campers with new ways to tell their own stories. Sifting through wordless tales, investigating graphic novels, and listening to stories are just some of the ways your camper will explore the world of storytelling. Each camper will be given opportunities to grow their confidence and to create their own story for all to experience.

Design Thinking: Ideate, Innovate, Create! —
Our Ideate, Innovate, Create! camp encourages campers to challenge themselves and think creatively as we brainstorm and collaborate to make prototypes out of everyday materials. Using aspects of Nueva's Design Thinking process, campers will be given challenges that build their problem-solving skills, activate and exercise their imaginations, and build the empathy and collaboration that are so vital to the design process. Campers will have a ton of fun while also gaining vital 21st-century skills.

Eco-Explorers: Forest Adventures —
This summer, get outside and explore! Campers in our Forest Adventures camp observe chickens, visit Nueva’s organic vegetable garden, trek woodsy trails, play outdoor games, get some light exercise, search for campus critters, observe biology in action, and develop a new appreciation for the amazing natural world. Our thirty-three acres of stunning meadow and forest make this program a must for the summer adventurer!

Future Foodies: Mix, Bake, Season, and Chop —
Do you love the smell of sizzling onions? How about the incredible flavor of fresh ripe tomatoes? If so, then the Future Foodies camp is for you! Our young epicureans will learn how healthy foods travel from farm to table. Campers will create a variety of global cuisines and delicious American classics. Our hope is that campers will develop a culinary toolbox and vocabulary that will enrich their lives.

Super Scientists: Junior Paleontologists —
With the natural, forested setting of Nueva as a backdrop, campers in our Junior Paleontologists camp will spend time exploring the past and current work of paleontologists. We will learn about the appearance and behaviors of many different species of dinosaurs as we build models, read and write stories, and explore what is known about these amazing ancient creatures.

Super-Scientists: Sonic Explorations —
Ever wonder how sounds are made and heard? Join us as we embark on an investigation into vibrations, frequencies, and pitch! The exploration will immerse campers in a world of acoustics as they build their own unique sound machines.


Creative Arts:

Circus Adventures —
The circus is calling all future actors, tumblers, jugglers and acrobats to come play and learn. In Nueva's circus program, campers will build self-confidence, balance, and cooperation skills all while moving their bodies and refining dexterity. Campers will be immersed in a circus environment, led by circus experts, where they will learn to juggle, clown, cartwheel, and stand on their hands. Confidence and movement are sure to put a smile on any camper's face.

Mixed Media: Explorations in Visual Arts —
In Explorations in Visual Arts, our young artists will have the opportunity to work in a variety of mediums to develop their skills and artistic expression. Campers may experiment with clay, paint, collage, found objects, and natural materials. Projects will vary from week to week in order to both accommodate returning campers and allow for greater depth of discovery within a given medium.

Nueva Theater Company —
Join us for a great opportunity to explore the front- and backstage aspects of theater! Not only will your camper get a taste of being a stage manager, costumer, designer, producer, and actor, they will also learn the invaluable skills of collaboration and public speaking while nurturing their own unique creative voice. We believe that developing these skills can carry through so many other avenues of academic development.


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