Welcome to Camps for 6th – 8th Graders!

We invite our students in grades 6-8 to choose from a variety of dynamic offerings located at our beautiful Hillsborough campus. You will find descriptions of all our offerings below the schedule. Please note that many of our summer camps will vary over the course of the five-week session to allow returning campers the opportunity to build upon their interests.

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Please check back in January to explore both our half-day intensives program and Nueva Expedition, our new week-long intensive program for high-ability students entering first through fourth grade. These programs aim to provide further opportunities for middle school students to take deep dives guided by Nueva educators from all three divisions and professors from around the Bay Area.


2017 Schedule:

Daily Schedule  
Block A Adventures in Math: Patterns and Symmetry         

Rock Climbing                      

Eco-Explorers: Ecology of Nueva Model United Nations
Block B

Design Thinking: Master Builders

Book Club: Thinking Beyond the Pages Captured Moment: Digital Photography  Electronic Music Production
Block C

How Things Work

Computer Science: Python and Beyond Strategic Games: Games of Skill and Chance Foodies: The Edible Economics of Food
Block D Mixed Media: Visual Arts Game-making Table Tennis and Beyond: Net Sports Uke!: Ukelele Workshop

Interdisciplinary Studies:

Adventures in Math: Patterns and Symmetry —
During our Patterns and Symmetry camp, we will work with mathematical puzzles and problems examining symmetry in the man-made and natural world. Through project-based and artistic explorations, campers will be immersed in a world of geometric thinking in a way that is fun and accessible to all learners.

Book Club: Thinking Beyond the Pages —
This summer, spend some fun-filled time immersed in an amazing book. Modeled on Nueva's long-standing book club tradition, campers will have the chance to read a novel together as they analyze the story and create skits, artifacts, and new storylines inspired by the characters and events. We will make the most of the Nueva campus as we explore the woods in search of great places to read and reflect.

Computer Science: Python and Beyond —
In our Python and Beyond camp, we will write programs and learn fundamentals, such as variables, control structures, functions, and other essential programming practices. As students make the transition from Scratch/Blockly to Python, they will learn the thought processes and techniques used by industry professionals.

Design Thinking: Master Builders —
In our Master Builders camp, campers will explore and design their own creative spaces, moving from early prototypes to refined models. They will utilize the Design Thinking process as they plan, design, iterate, and build their own models of useful and imaginative spaces. Ideas will evolve and expand over the week as students make choices about aesthetics, materials, furnishings, and function. As students learn and explore design processes, they will build strong foundations for creative decision-making and user-focused design, which can be applied broadly and across disciplines.

Eco-Explorers: Ecology of Nueva —
Campers in our Eco-Explorers offering will spend much of the session on Nueva’s 33 acres of beautiful coastal foothills terrain, studying ecology on our forested trail network. Whether building rich intellectual connections through the etymology of our plants’ scientific names or experiencing rapture while glimpsing a magnificent bird overhead, Eco-Explorers aims to provide a foundation for a meaningful, life-long relationship with the environment. This is an active outdoor class; students are asked to wear appropriate clothing.

Foodies: The Edible Economics of Food —
The Bay Area is home to countless world-class chefs and restaurants. Television is full of shows devoted to discovering new tastes and trends in food. During our Edible Economics of Food course, campers will not only cook a variety of eclectic and delicious dishes but also examine the economics of food. We will examine profitability, the costs and options restaurateurs face each day as they strive to offer diners a unique and memorable dining experience.

Game-making —
In our Game-Making camp, campers will immerse themselves in the world of constructing fun and challenging games. Through an examination of several award-winning games, campers will analyze the instructions and gameplay in order to better understand how to create a game that is accessible and fun for all players. Over the course of the week, campers will create their own game, write instructions for gameplay, and build a final version to take home and share with friends and family during the rest of the summer.

How Things Work —
There is a great difference between knowing and understanding: you can know a lot about something and not really understand it. — Charles Kettering
We can talk about all of the things we know, but to truly understand the forces and objects that surround us is something else completely. In this camp we will discuss, disassemble, and examine the world around us. Each day will focus on a different machine, topic, or phenomenon to explore. By studying models, taking things apart, and “learning by doing,” campers will gain a deeper understanding of how things work.

Model United Nations –
Do diplomatic sanctions applied to rogue nations have the intended effect? Can world hunger be addressed effectively? In our popular Model United Nations camp, students immerse themselves in communication, diplomacy, and negotiation, as we launch Nueva Summer's Model UN Summit. Learn about international issues, write, and vote on resolutions as we tackle some of the world's most pressing problems. Students enhance essential skills in negotiation, concise writing, and public speaking. No prior experience with MUN required!

Strategic Games: Games of Skill and Chance —
A week in our Strategic Games camp will provide campers with an opportunity to get absorbed in an amazing game with a group of their peers. Our counselors will curate and guide the campers through a variety of games that will develop problem-solving skills while also setting the table for competitive fun. From quick two-player, mathematical games such as “Lost Cities” to longer and more expansive strategy games like “Settlers of Catan,” our Strategic Games camp is the place to discover new games and revisit some old favorites.

Creative Arts:

Captured Moment: Digital Photography —
Learn the art of photography and change the way you see our world! We will embark on a new, exciting adventure each day, from outdoor scavenger hunts to photo storytelling. Campers will take action pictures on the playground, snap close-ups of bugs, shoot pictures of plants and leaves in the woods, and compose playful portraits of new and old friends. During the week, our photographers will learn the basics of composition, editing techniques, peer critique, and lighting. Returning campers will have the opportunity to build on their skills while focusing on whatever aspect of photography they have been enjoying. All equipment provided!

Electronic Music Production —
Current electronic music artists have propelled electronic dance music from the underground to the mainstream, creating a new and exciting musical genre full of creativity and fused with modern technology. In our electronic music class, campers will learn the basics of EDM and beyond through GarageBand and other digital sequencing software. Whether you want to spin at a club, be the next festival superstar, or just pick up a new hobby, our hands-on instruction will teach you the fundamentals of electronic music, including basic music theory, song structure, mixing, recording, looping, and editing. Come join us and jam!

Mixed Media: Visual Arts —
We are surrounded by the artistic visions of architects, fashion designers, and countless visual artists. During our 6th-8th Visual Arts camp, our middle-school campers will have the opportunity to either be introduced to new forms of artistic expression or dive deeper into an art form they already love. During the week, students may experiment with clay, paint, collage, found objects, and natural materials. Projects will vary from week to week in order to both accommodate returning campers and allow for greater depth of discovery within a given medium. Nueva in the summer is the perfect place to take artistic risks and find a new outlet for expression.

Uke!: Ukelele Workshop —
It's small, portable, easy to learn, and sounds great: It's a ukulele! Whether you've been playing for years or have never held a ukulele before, join us! Starting from the basics, campers will learn to read tabs, play chords, and perform together. Ukuleles will be available if you don’t have one.


Rock Climbing —
Students in our Rock Climbing camp will learn the foundations of safe climbing and belaying on Nueva’s indoor rock wall. Climbers set daily climbing goals and challenge themselves to develop concentration skills and physical techniques needed to reach for the top. The daily challenges of climbing and creating their own unique routes up the rock face will keep campers on their toes! No prior climbing experience is necessary.

Table Tennis and Beyond: Net Sports —

Come learn the rules and skills involved in table tennis, pickle ball and badminton! Then practice your new skills in round-robin play and tournaments to take your game to the next level! All levels welcome, beginner to advanced.

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